What Is the Essential Eight Maturity Model


The Essential Eight Maturity Model is a framework developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre to guide organizations in improving their cybersecurity posture. The model consists of eight mitigation strategies, including application control, patching applications, patching operating systems, privileged access management, endpoint protection, data backup, limiting lateral movement, and multi-factor authentication. The model is designed to help organizations assess their current level of maturity in implementing these strategies and provides guidance on steps to take to improve their cybersecurity posture. The mitigation strategies are considered essential because they can effectively address the most common cyber threats.

The Essential Eight Maturity Model

  1. Mitigation strategies
  2. patching applications
  3. patching operating systems
  4. privileged access management
  5. endpoint protection
  6. data backup
  7. limiting lateral movement
  8. multi-factor authentication