10 types of cyber attacks

10 types of cyber attacks

The following cyber attacks, are examples of how cyber crime can affect your business. Cyber attacks are estimated to costs Australians more than $1 billion a year.

Point of Sale (POS) intrusions Point of Sale (POS) intrusions

Where retail transactions are conducted, specifically where card – present purchases are made.

Cyber Extortion Cyber Extortion

Crime involving an attack or threat of attack against your IT infrastructure , couple with demand for money to stop the attack.

Miscellaneous Errors Miscellaneous Errors

People make mistakes! Unintentional actions directly compromised a security attribute of an information asset.

Cyber Espionage Cyber Espionage

Unauthorised network or system access linked to state affiliated actors and / or exhibiting the motive of espionage.

Denial of Service Denial of Service

Intended to compromise the availability of networks and systems. Includes both network and application layer attacks.

Physical Theft and Loss Physical Theft and Loss

Any incident where an information asset went missing, whether through misplacement or malice.

Insider and Privilege Misuse Insider and Privilege Misuse

Any unapproved or malicious use of organisations resources. Mainly insider misuse or external (through collusion)

cyber-claims Web App Attacks

This includes exploits of a code – level vulnerabilities in the application as well as thwarting authentication mechanisms.

Payment Card Skimmers Payment Card Skimmers

Where a skimming device is physically implanted on an asset that reads magnetic stripe data from a payment card

Crimeware Crimeware

A form of malware. Primary goal is to gain control of systems to steal credentials

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