Identity Theft – Know the Perpetrators

Identity Theft – Know the Perpetrators

Remember that awful Sandra Bullock movie? No, not Speed 2 – although that was outrageously bad. We’re talking about The Net. It’s a film from the nineties about a computer programmer that stumbles on a government conspiracy and has her identity stolen and replaced. Sure, the technology is laughably out of date – it was filmed in 1995 – but it was one of the first films to deal with technology-based identity theft.

About Identity Theft

Identity theft is growing at a rate of about 15-20 per cent each year, which means every one of us could be a potential victim, regardless of our age, nationality or status. Financial loss is only a part of how identify theft can affect you; there’s also the risk of reputational damage or damage to your credit rating which could take months and sometimes years to repair.

Know the Perpetrators

But who are the people behind these unseen crimes? Who are you at risk from? This infographic by Hotspot Shield shines the light on three types of crooks behind identity theft and shows us their nefarious methods of obtaining your personal information and how you can limit your risk of becoming the next victim of identity theft.



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