CGU Cyber Defence

CGU Cyber Defence Product Review

CGU Cyber Defence Protects your business against cyber exposures that can impact your business from direct costs to your business, and claims from third parties. Costs associated with defending cyber claims are also covered. CGU’s incident response team is on alert and ready to take action 24/7.

Key features:

  • All subsidiaries covered including new and former subsidiaries
  • Advancement of defence costs
  • Breach Coach helps you understand what needs to be done
  • Worldwide territorial cover no matter where the attack originated from
  • Covers you for privacy breaches of data you capture and held by service providers (e.g. Cloud, ISP’s etc)
  • Free 1 Hour cyber consultation to assess risk mitigation strategies
  • 24/7 Incident response team
  • Public relations consultancy costs to protect the personal reputation of senior executives

CGU Cyber Defence at a glance

Privacy Breach

Privacy protection against third party claims for loss of;

  • Personal Information
  • Commercially Confidential Information
  • Employee Information
  • Information held by Service Providers (e.g. Cloud, ISP’s etc)
  • Defence costs covered

System Damage

Cover for lost, damaged or destroyed;

  • IT systems,
  • IT records / data
  • Includes retrieving, repairing, restoring or replacing data, systems or hardware
  • Also, includes external IT forensic or security consultants costs

Business interruption

  • Cover for loss of profits due to a Cyber Event
  • No indemnity period restriction
    • Subject to a time excess of 12 hours
  • Cover for liability arising from hacker attack or virus
  • Covers loss or theft of your data or data for which you are responsible
  • Attacks by employees and third parties covered
  • Includes loss by phishing emails or Denial of Services attacks



Cover for crime losses (sub limit applies) including;
– Loss of money
– Covers loss of money from Service Providers systems
– Loss caused by rogue employee or third party

Multimedia Liability

  • Protection against libel, slander or defamation
  • Cover includes infringement of copyright, trademarks & trade names
  • Covers your defence costs and third party’s costs
  • Covers all your marketing material (digital or print)

Breach Of E-Commerce Statutory Duties

  • Covers breach of statutory duty from eCommerce relating to security & management of data
  • Defence costs and compensation payable to third parties


  • Covers payment of ransom
  • Costs of negotiating/mediating a security threat
  • Covers crisis management costs to resolve security threats

Brand protection

  • Public relations consultancy costs to protect the
    company brands.

Personal Protection

  • Public relations consultancy costs to protect the personal reputation of senior executives

Privacy Fines & Investigations

  • Cover includes fines and penalties incurred by you due to a privacy breach
  • Includes cover for your defence and investigation costs

Privacy Breach Notification & Loss Mitigation

  • Covers your breach costs including credit monitoring, identity theft monitoring, data restoration and forensic costs
  • Includes your legal costs
  • Access to call centre support services
  • Covers actual or suspected privacy breach

Reward Cover

  • Covers reward expenses to secure conviction of perpetrators of hacking attacks
  • Include payment of money or property for securing a conviction

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