How to protect yourself from cybercrime

While you’re on your phone or laptop, would you like a crash course on cybercrime and how you can be protected? If the answer is no, then you probably already have cyber insurance cover on your business or home. If yes, read on...

What is cybercrime?
Basically, it is identity theft, online scams, cyberbullying and financial fraud, committed via computers or other digital devices.

Who does it relate to?
These numbers tell the story. Maybe you are less exposed if you live in a cave, off the grid in the middle of Australia with no phone and internet. But even then, you have some details recorded on the internet like your Tax File Number, and registered address for your cave…

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Even if you take out cyber insurance, what are your responsibilities?
Don’t re-use passwords or share passwords. Make sure to use multi-factor authorisation, like when you get a verification code as an SMS. Aside from that, generally, be vigilant, ensure you’ve installed good anti-virus software on your devices and don’t open links you’re unsure of. We can all do more, but this is a good start

Small business claim example

Compare Cyber Insurance Policies 5 Staff

Compare Cyber Insurance Policies $1M turnover


The Insured’s employee inadvertently misplaced a company laptop, which contained a list of 1000 client tax records and credit card details.


A total cost of $250K was paid for the cost of notifying the affected individuals and the privacy commissioner of the data breach. This also included the costs incurred in retaining a Public relations firm to assist the insured in re-establishing their business reputation. 

Payment: $250,000

Cyber Crime

If you’re reading this article and you’ve never thought about protecting yourself, your family or your business against cyber offences,

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